Thirty and Beyond (Thirty One things to do before I turn Thirty One!)

I turn thirty later this week and have been going through the motions of feeling scared, extremely anxious, excited (because I love birthdays), reflective, and concerned that I haven’t done many of the  things I set out to do when I first turned twenty-one. A lot of people tell me that my feelings are unwarranted,… Continue reading Thirty and Beyond (Thirty One things to do before I turn Thirty One!)

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The tale of Tzatziki

One of the things I was looking forward to most when I made the move back to the U.S was starting to cook again. There is something about the ease of finding ingredients, having your own space and everyone doing their own thing around you, that makes cooking attractive, and at many times therapeutic. While… Continue reading The tale of Tzatziki

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Bombay Street Food

Having lived abroad before, I knew the one thing I would miss most about the city is the culinary adventures one can embark upon wandering about its streets. Before leaving Bombay a few weeks ago, I made sure to have all my favorites, one last time, until I was back again. This meant starting with… Continue reading Bombay Street Food